GulfCoat Blue (12 – 12 oz spray cans)


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GulfCoat Corrosion Coating, Aerosol – Blue
12 – 12oz Aerosol Cans per case MSRP: $475.00 MAP: $427.50
Blue Corrosion Coating, 12oz Aerosol Spray can, 12 per case
Coil, Component and Cabinet Corrosion Coating Protection


Offer the best protection available with GulfCoat® Corrosion Coating a unique and proprietary coating that provides HVAC&R systems the highest level of protection against corrosion and other environmental factors, and can withstand harsh environments, providing long-term protection.

It was developed in response to demand for a protective anti-corrosion coating that could be applied on small units or in remote areas.

GulfCoat® Corrosion Coatings are formulated to be corrosion resistance, with improved adhesion, moisture resistance, and UV protection thus providing protection for equipment that will enhance its ability to run efficiently throughout its life cycle.

GulfCoat Corrosion Coating provides coverage for 6 to 8 SF of coil face area depending on user’s spray technique per aerosol can. One case contains 12 (12 oz) Aerosol Spray cans for 144oz total shipment.

• Easy to apply on-site or at your premises
• Flexibility for improved air flow
• Provides UV resistance
• Provides effective moisture barrier
• Provides for easy maintenance
• Reduces major maintenance and replacement cost
• Low Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP’s) content
• Contain VOC exempt solvents for lower VOC emissions
• No CFC’s

Weight 13 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 12 in

Ships Case of 12 (12 oz) Aerosol Spray cans. 144 Oz total shipment

Shelf Life

The GulfCoat® Contractor Series Aerosols and Performance Repair Aerosol™ products, shelf life is 48-months
from the date listed on the container shown as MFG date.

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