Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Process

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Process

Insitu® Spray Applied Corrosion Coating

Offer the best in-field, non-factory applied protection available with Insitu® Spray Applied Coating – a unique and proprietary coating process that offers today’s HVAC/R systems one of the highest levels of corrosion resistant protection for evaporator, condenser and component that can withstand harsh, corrosive environments.

An Insitu® Spray Applied Coating provides long-term protection to help maximize system life and enhance the total cost of ownership. Have confidence with Insitu® Spray Applied Coating products as they’ve passed the most arduous industry tests that, combined with stringent quality standards, ensure effective products to enhance air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration equipment efficiency, operation, and longevity.

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Application Process

The animation below highlights the steps of the application process to be performed prior to or after system installation.


Application Details

Our Certified Applicators and Partners are factory trained to perform the following steps to ensure all coating HVAC/R projects are completed to the highest standards for long lasting corrosion protection.

1.) Unit/Coil Disassembly

Disassemble the unit as required to gain access to the coils and/or components to be coated.


2.) Coil/Surface Preparation

Surface must be free of grease and rust. Any areas on the copper headers, piping or u-bends that show signs of excess flux and/or varnishing due to brazing should be mechanically cleaned.

3.) Coil/Surface Cleaning Chemical

Starting at the top, coil header/piping ends and u-bends are sprayed to ensure they’re thoroughly wet with a special chemical cleaning solution. This includes all the fins and tubing on both sides of the coil.


4.) Coil/Surface Washing

To complete the coil/surface cleaning the pressure washing wand is held 12 to 24 inches away and perpendicular to the coil face and then angled downward with a horizontal spray pattern until all traces of the cleaning solution are removed.


5.) Coil/Surface Drying

With a handheld power blower angled downward, all traces of water are removed from evaporator and condenser coils and other system components to be coated.


6.) Coil/Surface Masking

System areas and components not being coated are masked off to prevent overspray or coating areas not required in the work scope.


7.) Coil/Surface Coating

Spray gun spray pattern is adjusted for the requisite flow to achieve the desired results. Complete equipment coating requires using various spray patterns to ensure maximum penetration and coverage. A period of 5-10 minutes between coats reduces the chance of drips, runs, or sags in the coating process should it be attempted in one pass.


8.) Coil/Surface Reassembly

Once the Insitu® Spray Applied Coating fully cured, any masking is removed and reassembly is commenced including all filters, support structures, side panels, the top and rewiring power and control circuits.


9.) Coil/Unit Packing & Final Inspection

After a final inspection is made to ensure all required surfaces are properly coated, all panels and screws are in place and correctly installed, the unit is packaged for shipping.


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