GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Coating

GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ Circuit Board Conformal Aerosol Spray

Circuit Shield™ is a thin acrylic conformal coating developed to help prevent circuit board failure caused by moisture in HVAC/R systems, elevator control and traffic control panels, telecommunications equipment and more. Added protection is also provided against vermin infiltration causing short circuits, board failure or erratic operation.

GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ is especially formulated for superior adhesion to circuit boards, their components, and connectors to enhance moisture and corrosion resistance, and minimize the effects of pests, like geckos, mice, cockroaches and ants to make it reliable solution to circuit board protection – even in the harshest environments.


Circuit Shield™ is specifically formulated to protect circuit boards from corrosion by providing a high dielectric strength insulation layer and moisture resistance.

What is a Conformal Coating?

  • A thin polymeric film which conforms to (covers completely) printed circuit board surfaces and board components and provides UV resistance for enhanced protection.
  • A non-conductive, dielectric protective coating layer applied to printed circuit boards to protects against short circuits caused by pest infiltration.
  • A coating that can protect against extreme or harsh environments and corrosion from salt-laden coastal environments.

When properly applied, Circuit Shield™ is harmless to geckos and other pests and provides the needed dielectric/insulating barrier to protect circuit boards, components, and connectors from damage. Geckos and other outdoor pests like to seek out the warmth found on circuit boards. When these pest nest or crawl on the board, they can short circuit various terminals, components or traces which typically kills the pest and or potentially destroy the circuit board or cause erratic system operation.

Equipment Applications

  • HVAC/R Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and connectors.
  • Elevator control panel wiring and control boards.
  • Telephone communication boxes.
  • Outdoor timers and switches.
  • Traffic control lighting and rail crossing control panels.
  • Automotive – heavy-duty truck and off-highway engine control modules/engine computers.

Circuit Shield™ Benefits

  • Excellent dielectric insulation strength to mitigate the chances of short circuits.
  • Moisture resistance for corrosion protection.
  • Able to handle thermal loading/cycling from heat sinks and board components.
  • Superior adhesion to board, connectors, and surface-mount and through-hole board components.

Performance Properties

Test ATSM Method Results
Salt Spray B117 Exceeds 5000 hours
Direct Impact D2794 Pass #160
Pencil Hardness D3363 HB-F
Cross Hatch Adhesion D3359 5B
Humidity D2247 1000 hours minimum
UV Resistance D4587 1000 hours minimum
Mandrel Bend (flexibility) D552M Pass 1/4” (6.35mm)

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