GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Coating

Contractor Series- Circuit Board Conformal Aerosol Coating

Circuit Shield™ is a micro thin, acrylic coating that, when applied correctly, will provide a protective layer that will reduce and minimize the harmful effects of corrosion and mitigate the problems caused by pests such as geckos, ants, snakes, and mice.

GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ corrosion resistant coatings are specifically designed for the protection of circuit boards that are used in outdoor environments. Protect expensive HVAC equipment, elevator control panels, telecommunications and more. GulfCoat® Circuit Shield coatings are formulated to improve adhesion, moisture resistance, UV protection and corrosion resistance. The product can be applied on-site or added during manufacturing.

Conformal Coating Application Instructions


When properly applied by directions, Circuit Shield™ spray coating process should ensure a uniform dry film thickness of 25-50 μm (1.0 – 2.0 mils) and meet 5B rating for crosshatch adhesion per ASTM D3359. Corrosion durability shall be confirmed through testing to no less than 2,500 hours salt spray resistance per DIN 53167 (ASTM B117) using aluminum test coupons. Dielectric Withstanding Voltage test shall pass at 1500 volts/mil thickness.


Circuit Shield™ Applications

  • HVAC/R Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • Elevator Control Panels
  • Telephone Communication Boxes
  • Outdoor Timers and Switches
  • Traffic Lighting and Rail Crossing Control Panels
  • Automotive, Heavy-Duty Truck & Off-Highway Equipment

Circuit Shield™ Features

  • Excellent moisture resistance
  • Mold & mildew resistance
  • Superior adhesion
  • Supports dielectric properties
  • UV resistant qualities

What is a Conformal Coating?

  • A thin polymeric film which conforms to printed circuit board characteristics
  • Nonconductive, protective dielectric layer applied to printed circuit boards
  • Conformal coatings are known to protect against extreme or harsh environments
  • Protects against moisture, dust and chemicals
  • Features chemical resistance
  • Adheres well to printed circuit board and components that populate the board

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion and pests can reduce performance and ruin Printed Circuit Boards. A proper conformal coating for this equipment will enhance its ability to remain efficient throughout its life cycle.


Surface must be free of grease, rust and wax. Prior to coating, follow these steps:

  1. Use an approved cleaner for PCBs.
  2. Allow circuit board to thoroughly dry.
  3. Mask off or protect areas from overspray.
  4. Allow can to warm to room temperature.
  5. Shake until mixing ball rattles, then continue to shake for two minutes. Coating must be applied above 50ºF (10ºC).

3-Step Application

  1. Move can and apply coating to the entire board with overlapping strokes left and right, keeping spray pattern vertical. Allow paint to become tacky.
  2. Move can and apply coating to the entire board with overlapping strokes up and down, keeping spray pattern horizontal. Allow paint to become tacky.
  3. Move can and apply coating to the entire board with overlapping strokes left and right, keeping spray pattern vertical.
  4. After use, invert can and spray to clear valve.

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