Insitu® Benefits

Insitu Benefits

HVAC/R service professionals agree, the best protection for any air conditioning, refrigeration or heat pump system is to apply an anti-corrosion coating to the condenser and evaporator coils, and vital, exposed cabinetry and components. Applying a protective coating before or at installation time is the optimum way to ensure corrosion protection is in place to extend service life and overall operating efficiency.

In highly corrosive locations, such as coastal areas or where localized corrosive agents are airborne like agricultural areas, wastewater facilities, industrial areas, heat transfer coils and vital components can quickly corrode, resulting in lower efficiency/higher energy consumption, shorter service life, increased repair bills, system downtime and increased total cost of ownership.

Corrosion is especially a problem in coastal locations with unprotected coil operating efficiency decreasing up to or over 50% in a single year.

Features of Adding Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Process

  • Insitu spray applied certified applicatorCorrosion protection (evaporator and condenser coils, exposed components, and cabinet)
  • Can be field applied by Certified Applicators before or at installation time
  • Easily applied and fast drying
  • Contains ES2 pigment Technology- embedded stainless-steel pigment designed specifically for enhanced ultra violet light resistance and longer lasting adhesion to any substrate
  • Water-based material, environmentally friendly
  • Decreases pressure and temperature deltas
  • Creates a smooth surface for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • High resistance to chemicals, moisture, and UV light
  • Meets low VOC, water based SCAQMD emission standards
100 %
Eco-Friendly & Water Based
15000 +
Salt Spray Hours
Year Warranty
Medium Durability

Benefits from applying Insitu® Spray Applied Coating

  • Extends service life of any air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump system. Can extend HVAC/R system life as much as 3-5 times longer compared to a similar, uncoated system in the same location and environment.
  • Increases overall operating efficiency
  • Reduces maintenance, replacement, downtime and operating costs
  • Increases hydrophobicity (how well condensation drains off the coil’s fins for optimum heat transfer). Ideally, condensation/water should drain quickly from the coil’s fins to avoid restricting air flow and heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, water accumulation is detrimental because it can lead to mold and mildew growth on evaporator coils, causing indoor air quality issues.
  • Provides corrosion protection for complete system coverage (coil, components, and cabinet).
  • Environmentally friendly, easy to apply and cost effective

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