Contractor Series Product Line


GulfCoat® Contractor Series is the complete solution for the HVAC Professional

Offer the best protection available with GulfCoat® Corrosion Coatings – a unique and proprietary coating process that provides HVAC&R systems with the highest level of protection that can withstand harsh environments, providing long-term protection against corrosion and other environmental factors.

Gulfcoat® is Test Proven

The Contractor Series offers a full line of products to protect HVAC/R equipment. The protective coatings safeguard against corrosion and other environmental factors ensuring operation efficiency thus extending the service life of the equipment.  At Modine we have the most stringent quality standard and our products pass the most arduous industry tests to ensure top performing products.

An efficient operating system provides better indoor air quality, energy cost savings and can extend the operating life of the equipment.  This is true for any environment, but is particularly evident in coastal regions, salt spray environments, arid desert environments, or around heavily industrialized areas.  Anywhere corrosive environments are evident. Corrosive in the atmosphere will shorten the life expectancy of HVAC/R equipment.

We are the complete solution – Energy savings and asset longevity make GulfCoat® Contractor Series the best choice.

GulfCoat® Corrosion Coating Spray Applied
GulfCoat® Corrosion Coating Aerosol
GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ Conformal Circuit Board Aerosol
GulfCoat® AM, Antimicrobial Antimicrobial Aerosol

Corrosion coating is available in Blue, Clear or Gold

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