Become an Applicator

Become an Applicator

Join our team of professional Certified Applicators and start getting More from Modine!

Looking for a way to increase your company’s annual revenue with a proven spray-applied coating?

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Licensee Opportunities are Now Available.

Join our group of Certified Applicators. We are currently expanding our network of licensed Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Applicators to better serve the HVAC/R industry worldwide.

A Proven Product

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating is a water-based and water reducible synthetic flexible polymer anti-corrosion coatingspecifically designed for the protection of HVAC&R coils, components and cabinets. Insitu® Spray Applied Corrosion Coating is corrosion resistant, with improved adhesion, moisture resistance, and UV protection properties.

Offer the best protection available with Insitu® Spray Applied Coating –a unique and proprietary coating process that offers today’s HVAC&R systems the highest protection against corrosion and other environmental factors, and can withstand harsh environments, providing long-term protection you and your customers can trust!

Advantages of Insitu® Spray Applied Coating

  • Extends equipment lifecycle
  • Reduces long-term maintenance costs
  • Improves operating efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lab tested to withstand 15,000 hours of salt-spray exposure
  • Meets C5-I sea coastal coating and engineering specifications

Benefits of Being an Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Licensed Applicator

  • Low initial start-up costs
  • Comprehensive employee training and certification program
  • Full technical and marketing support
  • Increase sales revenues
  • Competitive product advantage
  • Expand offering of products and services

To Become an Insitu® Spray Applied Coating Certified Applicator Contact:

Modine Manufacturing Company

1423 West Ormsby Avenue
Louisville, KY 40210 United States

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