Circuit Shield™ Conformal Spray Coating (12 – 12.5 oz spray cans)


GulfCoat Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Can
Clear, Circuit Board Conformal Aerosol Coating
12 – 12.5oz Aerosol Cans MSRP: $495.00 MAP: $450.00
Clear Conformal Coating, 12.5oz Aerosol Spray can, 12 per case
Protects critical components of electronic equipment against corrosion, moisture, pests and other environmental factors


Offer the best protection available with GulfCoat® Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Coating. A coating that conforms to the contours of the printed circuit board offering the highest level of protection against early default from environmental factors, including dust, fungus, salt, moisture, corrosion and pests.

Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Coating is specifically formulated to protect circuit boards from corrosion with improved adhesion and moisture resistance properties. Have confidence this product has the highest quality standards and passes the most arduous industry tests ensuring a top performing product you can trust.

Circuit Shield™ Aerosol Coating is harmless to geckos and other pests but provides the needed barrier to reduce damage to the circuit board. Geckos and other outdoor pests like the warmth provided on circuit boards. When these pests’ nest or crawl on the board, they cause it to short circuit, typically killing the pest and causing extensive damage to the unit.

• Excellent moisture resistance
• Mold & mildew resistance
• Superior adhesion
• Supports dielectric properties
• UV resistant qualities

Equipment Applications Include:

• HVAC/R Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
• Elevator Control Panels
• Telephone Communication Boxes
• Outdoor Timers and Switches
• Traffic Lighting and Rail Crossing Control Panels
• Automotive, Heavy-Duty Truck & Off-Highway equipment

Weight 14.2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 8.5 in

Ships case of 12 (12.5 oz) Aerosol Spray cans. 150 oz total shipment

Shelf Life

The GulfCoat® Contractor Series Aerosols and Performance Repair Aerosol™ products, shelf life is 48-months from the date listed on the container shown as MFG date.

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