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Modine Coatings Showcases Essential HVAC Protection Solutions at ACCA 2024 Conference and Expo

RACINE, WI., March 7, 2024 – Modine Coatings, a division of Modine (NYSE: MOD) and a leader in corrosion-resistant coatings technology for the HVAC industry, will showcase its lineup of corrosion protection solutions for the HVAC/R professional at the ACCA 2024 Conference and Expo, March 11 – 14, in Orlando, Florida at Booth #219.
Modine Coatings will spotlight two flagship products: Insitu® Spray Applied Coating and the GulfCoat® Contractor Series. When it comes to protecting HVAC investment, aftermarket options can provide premium protection against corrosive agents for HVAC coils, components, and cabinets.

For larger jobs, the Insitu® Spray Applied Coating is optimal. It is a water-based, synthetic, and flexible polymer anti-corrosion coating designed to help HVAC coils, components, and cabinets withstand harsh environments. This unique and proprietary coating process provides long-term and cost-effective protection.

For smaller jobs, GulfCoat® Corrosion Coating provides coil protection by coating the coils and the components. This product was specifically designed to improve corrosion resistance thanks to its robust synthetic multi-polymer resin backbone.

Modine Coatings also connects the HVAC/R professional with Certified Applicators to ensure products are applied properly for optimal performance. The only way to achieve system longevity and thousands in savings over the life of the equipment starts with coating appliances via trained professionals.

Insitu® Spray Applied Coating: The Ultimate Corrosion Protection
The Insitu Spray Applied Coating offers unparalleled corrosion protection for evaporator and condenser coils. Some environments have more corrosive elements than others: salty coastal air, arid desert air, or acidic industrial areas are all bad for HVAC systems. Engineered to withstand the most challenging environments, Insitu coatings provide long-lasting defense against corrosion, ensuring HVAC/R systems operate at optimal performance throughout their lifespan. Insitu Spray Applied Coatings can be applied upon system installation or later, although at installation is most recommended.
“With Insitu, we have redefined industry standards for field-applied corrosion resistance,” said Dan Fisher, Sales Director, Modine Coatings. “Our coatings offer unmatched durability and reliability, backed by rigorous testing and quality assurance processes.”

GulfCoat® Contractor Series: Multilevel Protection
In addition to the Insitu system, Modine will showcase the GulfCoat Contractor Series, which has set a benchmark for corrosion protection in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. This comprehensive series offers a range of specialized coatings designed to address diverse HVAC protection needs:

• GulfCoat Corrosion Coating: Protect coils and system components with GulfCoat Corrosion Coating, available in aerosol for small applications and sprayed applied for larger systems. Both options are available in Blue, Clear, or Gold, providing versatility and customization to suit various requirements.

• GulfCoat Circuit Shield™: Safeguard printed circuit boards and connectors from corrosion caused by moisture while adding a high dielectric protection layer. GulfCoat Circuit Shield mitigates short circuits or erratic operation induced by common vermin such as geckos, snakes, insects, and other elements that may interact with a system’s circuit board.

“Protecting equipment from corrosive environments is necessary, not just to expand lifespan, but to overall increase functionality and save on lifetime maintenance costs,” said Raul Urrea, Field Sales Specialist.

Proper Application Achieves Optimal Results
The full benefits of HVAC coatings rest on the application process. Improperly applied sprays to coil, cabinet, or surfaces can affect the entire unit and cause problems in the future.

ACCA 2024 promises attendees unparalleled opportunities for networking, learning, and exploring the latest advancements in HVAC technology. With a stellar lineup of expert speakers, breakout sessions, and networking events, the conference is poised to be a highlight of the industry calendar.

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Image: Insitu® ES² Spray Applied Coating being applied to rooftop unit

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