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Modine Coatings Features Industry Leading Corrosion Resistant Coatings at 2024 AHR EXPO

Modine Coatings makes sure that project requirements are met and are on time

Louisville, KY, January 18 – Modine Coatings, a division of Modine  (NYSE: MOD) and a leader in corrosion-resistant coatings technology for the HVAC industry, is featuring its full portfolio of coatings at the AHR Expo, January 22-24, Chicago, IL, exhibit booth #N1721.

Modine Coatings has the complete solution. ElectroFin® E-coat factory applied coating is the perfect solution for large coils. Insitu® Spray Applied coating, applied by a Modine Certified Applicator, is the aftermarket solution for coils, components and cabinets. GulfCoat® Contractor Series is the solution for coils and components for small commercial jobs.

By leveraging the power of anti-corrosive coating solutions, equipment manufacturers, industrial and HVAC contractors, architect-design firms, facility managers, construction companies, and business owners on municipal, industrial, government, and private sector projects, can unlock substantial savings and avoid potential headaches.

Protecting HVAC equipment is paramount to extending equipment service life. Applying anti-corrosion coatings will help combat corrosive agents in corrosion-prone environments. As the industry’s premier coating for coils, components and cabinets, Modine Coatings empowers OEMs, installers, and service contractors across the country to present the best coating solutions available.

Here are a few ways to mitigate corrosion:

ElectroFin® E-coat Factory Coating

One of the best ways to protect HVAC coils is by specifying ElectroFin® E-coat at the beginning of a project. Electro-deposition coating (E-coat) is a premium alternative to polyurethane and phenolic coatings, extending the service life and heat transfer efficiency of HVAC/R systems. E-coat provides long-term corrosion protection for outdoor HVAC/R equipment in coastal (marine), industrial, urban, or highly alkaline environments.

ElectroFin® E-coat is an electro-deposition coating process that involves epoxy paint particles evenly suspended in deionized water.

When it is electrically charged, the paint particles migrate to and bond with aluminum, copper and other conductive metal surfaces that form the heat exchanger coils. The ElectroFin® E-coat Coating is applied in specialized facilities where the coils are fully immersed into large process tanks. The E-coat process allows for 100% complete penetration and uniform deposition of the coating through the coil regardless of how thin or thick the heat exchanger is or how densely the coils are packed.

“ElectroFin® E-Coat is specifically formulated and optimized to substantially increase equipment service life and have less than 1% impact on the thermal efficiency of the coils it protects,” said Peter D’Ambrosio, Factory Applied Director of Sales for Modine Coatings.

E-coats also are flexible and impact resistant. Coils protected with a brittle coating can crack or flake when the coil is bent, making it more susceptible to corrosion. ElectroFin® E-coat can resist a larger array of chemicals than phenolic coating. In addition, when using the ElectroFin® E-Coat, a coil’s original heat transfer rates are maintained longer over the extended life of the coil. This is because it has excellent adhesion to the most common metallic heat transfer surfaces including copper, aluminum, and galvanized and stainless steel.

Extended Warranty – Industries Longest Warranty

The EFINSM Pro Shield™ program provides customers with coating protection options based on the customer’s needs with each level offering extra assurance through an extended warranty based on specific requirements.

The EFINSM Pro Shield™ program has three different options:

  • EFINSM Pro Shield™ 10 offers 10 years of warranty protection with three layers of coating protection. It has a layer of TCP, ElectroFin® E-coat and Insitu® Topcoat. This option combines a nano-scale conversion coating (TCP); a water-based, flexible cationic E-coat; and a water-based/water-reducible synthetic flexible polymer topcoat. This coating combination provides the most comprehensive UV and corrosion protection.
  • EFINSM Pro Shield™ 7 offers seven years of warranty protection with two layers of coating protection. It has a layer of ElectroFin® E-coat and Insitu® Topcoat. This option combines a water-based, flexible cationic epoxy polymer E-coat and a water-based/water reducible synthetic flexible polymer topcoat. This coating combination provides both UV and corrosion protection.
  • EFINSM Pro Shield™ 5 offers five years of warranty protection with one layer of corrosion-resistant ElectroFin® E-coat, which utilizes a process specifically engineered for heat exchangers.

“The Modine EFINSM Pro Shield™ program allows our partners to select the protection level they need to serve their customers and markets,” said D’Ambrosio. “Protecting HVAC equipment so it can provide years of trouble-free service is of paramount concern to engineers, builders, manufacturers and end users. EFINSM Pro Shield™ adds another layer of confidence for our customers in the products they rely on.”

Aftermarket Protection

When it comes to protecting your HVAC investment, aftermarket options can provide premium protection against corrosive agents for HVAC coils, components and cabinets.

For larger jobs, the Insitu® Spray Applied Coating is optimal. It is a water-based, synthetic, and flexible polymer anti-corrosion coating designed to help HVAC coils, components, and cabinets withstand harsh environments. This unique and proprietary coating process can help provide long-term and cost-effective protection.

For smaller jobs, GulfCoat® Corrosion Coating will provide coil protection by coating the coils and the components.  This product was specifically designed to improve corrosion resistance thanks to its robust synthetic multi-polymer resin backbone.

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